Many people who have booked their test and have the zeal to challenge themselves by taking the test, we can help them gain access to all Leaked IELTS exam questions and answers before the exam day. Due to the fact that we have certified workers in the British Council, IDP  and access to the database, we can provide you with 100% upcoming leaked ielts exam questions and answers online for any exam date you may have chosen. We insure every questions and answers comes out same and our customers or candidates don’t face any problems at the level of the exam. And if there is any update or change of questions, we immediately inform our clients and provide them with the current questions and answers.

Be it ielts without exam or tracking ielts scores during exam, Our goal toward this service is for you to gain full access to all the questions and answers and we insure in every step that the leaked questions and answers come exactly the same as the ones you will meet on the exam day.
All that is expected from you is that you contact us earlier enough before your expected exam date so that you prepare and some practice with the ielts leaked questions and answers before exam day.
We don’t guarantee you a certain band score, it’s your responsibility to practice the ielts questions and answers well so that you get more acquaintance with them such that you will perform well on the exam day.
We have always encourage all our past customers, candidates or clients to apply for any of our services a month or three (3) weeks earlier before their exam date or day.

Is It Possible To Buy Leaked IELTS Exam Questions & Answers Online ?

We have been outstanding in our services due to the fact that we work directly with the IDP and British Council officials and so, candidates or clients can buy leaked ielts questions and answers online, buy ielts certificates without taking a test and since we are invigilators during exams and take part during the assessment process we can track ielts scores during exam.

We understand that before many came to realize about these services, they might have already booked for their test and day. We don’t encourage you to drop the test you already booked but rather we give you the opportunity to buy leaked ielts exam questions and answers to help you perform well during the ielts exam.

It is possible to buy ielts leaked exam questions and answer keys online and you at the right place to obtain these services without any problems and we guarantee and assure you that what we give you is what you will meet on that exam date irrespective the modules. If you have already booked your test and looking for the best solution to unlock your desire band scores, we have the ielts questions and answer keys for your upcoming exam.
Understand that the British Council and IDP are a well structured organization that always preassigned all questions and answers before the exam date. Which means the exam questions and answers are always available before the test date. We the insiders have 100% access to every material and we can grant you favor by releasing the ielts exam questions and answers for those that are interested in these services.


With many years of working experience as certified IELTS Trainer and director of operations in charge of the British Council and IDP’s English Language and Exam activities with many other British Council and IDP experts workers / members, we decided to set up a large network that spanned throughout IELTS official Centers and across the globe.

When you register for this service, we use your test date and information to do proper sourcing. We communicate directly with the center database unit to extract the papers and make sure they match the same category you belong.

Authenticity of Leaked IELTS Exam Questions & Answers

We have been outstanding in our services due to the fact that we work directly with IDP and British Council IELTS officials different countries. Moreover, the British Council IELTS Certification Center is also made up of members of all the British Council and IDP Certified IELTS officials.

Conclusively, British Council IELTS Certification Center is also made up of Directors of operations in charge of the British Council and IDP English Language and Exam activities from many other different ielts official branch offices or centers.
Thus, all our services here are 100% legit, assured, genuine, database registered and internally from IDP and British Council IELTS official branches.

Guides on How to Buy IELTS Leaked Exam Question Papers

  • Initially, make sure you understand what the process is all about. You can contact us here +1 (204) (609)-9342
  •  Proceed by providing your correct personal information and the other appropriate information required.
  •  Conclusively, Submit the completely filled form and get back to us for payment procedure.

We prefer to send the leaked ielts questions and answer papers through courier service which takes a maximum of 3 to 5 days to arrive your destination. Reason being that we do not want to allow any information into the hands of a third party. Privacy Policy and a priority.
Once you recieve your package comprising of the upcoming ielts exam questions and answer keys, make sure you take your time to study them well before the exam date. Your band score strictly depends on your performance. The fact that you got the questions and answer keys, it doesn’t guarantee you high or desirable band score unless you properly master the questions and answers and insure that you execute and implement the same thing you read by constantly practicing.

Though we will send you full package containing also the listening, your speaking module will be handled by us using the tracking of scores process. We will assign you a default score on that module due to the fact that it is an interactive one and we can’t predict what the examiner will ask. We do this to ensure that you don’t leave here without your desire band score.

Data Privacy Protection

Data privacy protection is in our DNA. Your data is 100% safe and we insure we don’t disclose them to any person regardless of their reasons for requesting it.

NOTE: All the certificates issued by us are 100% legit, genuine, registered, verifiable and guaranteed.
We advice that you verify any certificate you may collect from us or somewhere else before submitting it for any processing. You can verify them using any of the tools designed by the British Council or IDP.